This page is designed to help you reunite a dog you have found with its owner.

The dog must be wearing a Montgomery County License tag. Montgomery County tags are color coded by year:
Red for 2021, Blue for 2022, Gold for 2023, and Green for 2024. KENNEL tags have the letter "K" preceding the tag number. The tag may also be one of three various shapes: Oval, Bone, or Heart.

License Oval Logo License Bone Logo License Heart Logo

3-Year tags are brass and shaped like a tear-drop. Permanent tags are stainless steel and round in shape.

Neighboring counties may have similar shapes and colors, so please make sure it is a Montgomery County tag.


If you need additional help, contact the Animal Resource Center at 937-898-4457
Location: 6790 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45414