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Many citizens of Montgomery County have been affected by property and mortgage fraud. It generally occurs when someone records a fraudulent document, making it look as though they currently own your home or property. As a result, the Montgomery County Recorder's Office is pleased to offer a Fraud Alert Notification System for all property owners within Montgomery County to help combat this type of fraudulent activity.

From 2008 until present day, property fraud has plagued many communities and surrounding areas within the Southern District of Ohio, which is the same district our Montgomery County resides. In 2016, six suspects throughout Hamilton County were involved in taking possession of real estate by filing fraudulent deeds, liens, and other false documents. Three of those suspects remain at large. Since 2017, the Deed Transfer Division of the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office has referred at least a dozen suspected deed fraud occurrences to law enforcement officials for criminal investigation. The Montgomery County Recorder’s Office urges you to take advantage of the FREE Fraud Alert Notification System. Be proactive as opposed to reactive when it comes to protecting your most valuable investment.

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Fraud Alert Notification System (FANS)

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